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  • Address L/Shabelle Somalia Head Office Marka District Wajeer Road
  • Email
  • Contact +252-618545353/+252636145082
About us

M.C.D.O Marka Community Development Org are group Volunteers Somali Diaspora and Local .

M.C.D.O is non-profit making, non-sectarian, humanitarian relief and development community organization that was established and registered in 2016 as a local non-governmental organization (LNGO) in Somalia.
M.C.D.O operates in Lower Shabbelle region particularly Marka district, and iits top priority is to create an environment that is conducive to sustainable development by helping communities to secure peace, sustainable development and attain self-reliance.
Above all, the organization has operated quite freely in the area of Lower Shabbelle Region in general with full cooperation of the local authorities - political, traditional and religious elders and women groups. The association’s operation cuts through the faulty and dividing lines of sub-clans and we are seen to be impartial and above all concerned with project implementation activities only.
Vision Statement
M.C.D.O vision statement is to secure enhanced livelihood and food security for the poor communities and bring positive changes to the worsening humanitarian crisis situations in key areas of interventions through institutional capacity building and policy change for human development and reconstruction of dilapidated infrastructures.
Mission Statement
M.C.D.O mission statement is to facilitate the participation of the poor people in Lower Shabbelle region of south central Somalia in the development process.

Main Objectives
M.C.D.O aims to foster a sustainable and equitable development by assisting communities to properly identify their development needs and match those needs with available resources (human, technical, financial, material and natural)

Primary objectives include:
1. To participate in the community development and meet post-conflict reconstruction needs by fulfilling the major needs of the communities that have suffered and continue to suffer diverse and numerous Vulnerabilities and in adequacies in the fulfillment of their basic needs and rights.
2. To serve as a focal point for community development and transformation by partnering with local and international agencies to plan and coordinate the development efforts intended to improve the living conditions of the people.
3. To facilitate genuine peace, reconciliation, behavioral change and development issue by arranging effective and continuous communication within the community and between the community and other development stakeholders.
4. To encourage the exchange of ideas on peace, reconciliation, governance, human rights, gender, behavioral change and development by providing to the community appropriate internal and external sources of information and knowledge.
5. To promote, encourage and support the use of multi-sectoral approach, information sharing and knowledge in designing and implementing community development programs and projects.
6. To promote self-reliance by building community and institutional capacity to tapping and orienting the community’s human, technical, financial, material and natural resources, while at the same time lobbying local, regional national and international groups to work with and invest in the community.
M.C.D objectives are pursued through a multidisciplinary and integrated approach that prioritizes awareness raising ,information and knowledge sharing, capacity building and program and project delivery according to local needs and existing potentialities while enhancing synergistic approach among the various development works that may be taking place in a given area or community. H.M.C. adheres to internationally recognized principles and standards.

Core Values
H.M.C. core values include the following:
1. Transparency and accountability
2. Effectiveness
3. Truth worthiness
4. Credibility
5. Creative approach
6. Harmony
7. Cohesiveness
8. Justice and equality

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